The Automotive sector is everchanging with as vehicles become more advanced, the need for skilled repairers becomes ever greater. Employing an apprentice is an excellent investment for businesses, they are motivated to learn new skills, you can adapt their training according to the needs of your business or you could use your apprenticeship funding to upskill your current workforce.

Auto Assess can assist employers with their apprenticeship recruitment, we can assess your apprenticeship requirements and advertise vacancies through national apprenticeship recruitment platforms. Our trained staff can support you with shortlisting and interviews to match you with the best prospective employees and manage the whole onboarding and funding process to simplify the process for employers.

Eligible employers can meet the costs of their Apprentices’ training through their Apprenticeship Levy pot. For micro businesses, the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) contributes 100% of the costs of training an Apprentice aged between 16 and 18 on the day they start their Apprenticeship. For older learners, employers may require contributions to cover some of the training costs.

Our Process for Employers


If you do not currently have an apprentice in place, we can assist with apprenticeship recruitment. We can create an advert and advertise your vacancies on the government’s apprenticeship website and monitor applications which we will share with you. We can also assist with shortlisting applicants and even arrange initial screening interviews to ensure you only have the best candidates to interview. Once you have selected the appropriate candidates, they need to be employed by you before we can start their apprenticeship. Once this is in place we can begin the enrolment process.

Enrolling process:

We require the apprentices’ contact details (name, phone number, email address) to send them an application form and initial assessment to review any prior knowledge, skills or experience. Once these are complete, we will review them to ensure the apprentice is suitable as this is a Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard. Level 2 Maths and English are a requirement of the apprenticeship. If your apprentice does not have the grades already, we can support them through their Maths and English during the apprenticeship, however, we must be confident they can achieve this within the apprenticeship timeframe. Therefore, we also ask all apprentices to complete a Maths and English initial assessment.

We will also complete a skill scan with all prospective apprentices. If an apprentice has prior knowledge, the funding and duration of the apprenticeship must reflect this. For those with no prior experience, it is a 36-month apprenticeship. For the apprentice with prior experience, we will review their qualifications and results of the skill scan and create a bespoke learning plan which could potentially be considerably shorter than 36 months depending on knowledge and skills.

We will ask you to connect with us as your apprenticeship provider on the government DAS system to reserve funding. Again we will support you through this process. One of our Learning and Development coaches will attend your premises to complete the apprenticeship onboarding process, explaining and completing the apprenticeship commitment statements and also explain the expectations of the apprentice, employer and training provider, including the 20% off-the-job training commitment.


Apprentices have to be afforded time to develop their Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours during working hours as set out in the apprenticeship Standard (this is 20% off-the-job training during their weekly working hours (minimum of 6 hours)).  This is an apprenticeship requirement set by the government and must be within their working week hours and not in their own time. We will provide a curriculum plan which clearly states the minimum expected of the apprentice each week which will cover the 20% off-the-job training, again we will share this with you and the apprentice.

We will provide a Learning and Development Coach to each apprentice. All of our delivery will be completed on-site on your premises and our Learning and Development Coach will visit your site once a month to deliver theory sessions in line with the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours. During their visit, they will set work to be submitted over the rest of the months which will be assessed by the Learning and Development Coach and reflected on during a 1-1 progress review. Over the duration of the apprenticeship, the apprentice will build a substantial portfolio of evidence covering all the criteria with the apprenticeship standard preparing the apprentice for the End Point Assessment.

As well as a Learning Coach, a Mentor will also need to be allocated to each apprentice. This should be an experienced technician who will support the apprentice with their on-the-job training and someone they can learn from during their off-the-job training.

Although assessment will be on-going throughout the apprenticeship by our Learning and Development Coaches, unlike NVQ’s, the Apprenticeship Standards are assessed at the end of the apprenticeship by an independent assessor. Each apprentice will undertake an End Point Assessment where they will complete a series of knowledge and skills assessments with an independent assessment company. The apprentice will only be put forward to the end point if all parties agree they are ready, apprentice, employer and training provider.

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